Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cookies and Tea and Fushigis

Well, after a long absence from this site I have decided to post my adventures for the day. After waking up from a dream of cookies at seven in the morning, I made my usual pot of tea--loose-leaf sencha and assam--cracked open Martin Luther's thoughts on Genesis, and relaxed. I then remembered my dream about cookies and raided my kitchen for ingredients. Discovering I had no butter I raided google for a no butter recipe for oatmeal cookies. [The recipe I found at a blog titled 'Seattle Lunchbox' is what I used and were delicious! I added dried cherries, blueberries and cranberries and then some chocolate chips.] And of course I made some Buckingham Palace tea to go with them!

A friend of mine keeps a blog on this site and has got me hooked on looking for fushigis throughout my day. If you've not heard of the strange concept of fushigi please click on this link to Egajd's page and you will learn all about them. He has got me interested on keeping track of them on here. 

One fushigi I had the other day revolved around a name. I tend to go to the local coffee shop quite when in need of books, tea and writing. While there I ordered a coffee and chocolate drink called a 'Blarney' and a hummus sandwich called a 'Sophia'. I then sat down at a table to eat and read and picked up a book on one of the shelves. I opened it and noticed one of the character's names was Sophia. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the book title and have forgotten since then what book it was. After eating and drinking up my coffee I went outside. We had had a snow storm the previous day and the walks were slippery. As I stepped out the door a young girl slipped on the walk in front of me. I caught her and she introduced herself as Sophia. 

Also, the night previously I had been talking with Egajd and writing our usual 'musecorn' (sort of like a play but interactively written with characters from our books and stories). Sophia, Egajd's character was involved. 

So, tea and cookies and strange fushigi. What a strange day it has been. Now time for a good book or a good story from my latest addiction The Vinyl Cafe and more tea! Stay warm wherever you are if you're stuck in the aftermath of a snow storm like me and have a happy day and blessed New Year!